Saturday, March 1, 2014

What are the filing requirements for Tax Year 2013?

  • If you made over $400 as self-employed person, you are required to file and pay self employment taxes. 
       You are self-employed if you are fall in any of the following groups: You are an independent contractor, a sole proprietor, a member of a partnership, or are in a business for yourself in any other way.)

  • Filing Requirements for most taxpayers.

Filing StatusMinimum Gross Income (under 65)Minimum Gross Income (65+)
Head of Household$12,850$14,350
Married Filing Jointly$20,000$21,200 (one spouse)
$22,400 (both spouses)
Married Filing Separately$3,900$3,900
Widow with Dependent Child$16,100$17,300

  • Church employees who are paid more than $108.28 in wages not subject to Social Security or Medicare taxes are also required to file.

  • Children and Dependents are required to file if they make m

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    ore than $1000 in unearned income (ie, interest, dividends) or $6100 in earned income.